Is the site of many annual waterfront festivals and events.
With something happening year-round, Brockville events help make this city a great place to visit for both families and individuals.
With its history dating back to the 1770’s
2016 Dates for Annual Brockville Events & Festivals as well as the surrounding region:

Brockville Multicultural Festival May 6 & 7
Thousand Islands Arts Annual Spring Art Fair May 20-23
TIKO Club Dog Shows & Trials August 19-21
St. Lawrence International Film Festival September 1-4
St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival July 16-August 20
Visit Brockville’s Designated Heritage Sites and Cultural Heritage Properties.
Walk along The Brock Trail
the Aquatarium
; enter Canada’s Oldest Railway Tunnel;
step into the Brockville Museum.
Visit Fulford Place National Historic Site
(the home of millionaire George Fulford, the creator of “Pink Pills for Pale People”),
and even fire a canon at Fort Wellington National Historic Site.
Cruise to 
The 1000 Islands, that are home to two famous castles, Boldt Castle and Singer Castle.
On select days take part in a full day 1000 islands cruise with two castle stop-overs.
(Cruises stopping at the castles are located in the United States and require border crossing identification).

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